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And if the weather is bad on the day (s) reserved?2021-07-06T18:08:20+02:00

The reservation is NOT lost, it is postponed.

What kind of route can be done2021-07-06T18:17:39+02:00

Routes such as: Strait of Gibraltar, Costa del Sol, Ceuta, Costa de Cádiz and the Portuguese Algarve can be planned, as well as others for the sighting of Dolphins and Cetaceans.

How long the PER Extension practices last.2021-07-06T18:09:53+02:00

The PER Extension lasts for 24 hours.

What minimum qualification is necessary to rent a sailboat of these characteristics?2021-07-06T18:15:58+02:00

The minimum qualification required is PER or Recreational Boat Skipper.

Do I have to pay € 80 for the cleaning of the boat for the one-day charter?2021-07-06T18:16:15+02:00

No, it is only paid after 2 days.

How long do the PNB or Basic Navigation Pattern practices last.2021-07-06T18:11:55+02:00

The PNB Internship has a duration of 8 hours.

What certification do I need to rent the QuickSilver Activ 555 Open boat?2021-07-06T18:15:23+02:00

The minimum qualification to be able to rent, without skipper, this boat is the Navigation License.

Are bed linen and towels included?2021-07-06T18:17:56+02:00


How long do the PER or Recreational Boat Skipper practices last.2021-07-06T18:10:48+02:00

The PER internship lasts 16 hours spread over 2 days.

How long do the Navigation License practices last?2021-07-06T18:14:48+02:00

The Navigation License consists of: 4 hours of practice and 2 of theory.

How long does the Short Range Radio Operator course last?2021-07-06T18:08:34+02:00

The radio operator course lasts 8 hours of practice and 4 hours of theory in an approved simulator.

How long do the Sailing Qualification practices last?2021-07-06T18:09:14+02:00

These practices have a duration of 16 hours.

Does the Service include food and / or drinks?2021-07-06T18:16:50+02:00

It is not. They can bring all the supplies they want and we can also provide a catering service.

How long do the yacht captain practices last?2021-07-06T18:09:28+02:00

Yacht Captain and Skipper practices last 48 hours.

How long the PER, Extension and Sailing practices last.2021-07-06T18:08:57+02:00

Joint practices take 36 hours.


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